Historia Judía no tradicional

The loto


10AZAFATASPerez García was a typical middle class Argentinean family. Martin Perez, forty three years old, the family chief, the father, was a bank clerk; Juana his wife, two years younger , in charge of the housework : she used to do the shopping, the cooking, the ironing and she didn’t complain. Federic, nicknamed Freddy, the son, was nineteen years old, a brilliant student of Engineering at the U.B.A. and…… a perfect son, of course.  Although they didn’t have real economic problems, Martin was worried about what would happen when he turned sixty years and had to retire. Because , in spite of his fairly good salary, he thought he couldn’t put by enough money to support his family comfortably in the future.

One day, something unexpected happened: they won $ 2.000.000 in the Loto pool (at that time one Argentinean peso was worth one dollar).

They felt almost dying (of happiness of course). Martin gathered all the family – a kind of family council. “What will they do ? “. Freddy proposed to spend the first one million on “basic needs”, for examples on clothes and shoes” Juana said, “and ties and food”. Martin added, “When I get married, if I have a girl, I’ll name her Loto, so” I’ll buy a new Lotus car with an electronic-computer board and five doors.It will be, a racing car, a Lotus. Do you remember ? It had belonged to Reuteman the famous Argentinean racier, (although  he had never won the world championship, was morally, the best). Juana chose an elegant Italian Lancia. Freddy hadn’t decided yet : an English sporting car,  an Aston Martin , a Jaguar could be. “Everyone must have a car”, theye said

Secondly they’d get a comfortable little cruiser with only thirty six and a half feet , with a twelve cylinder Volvo diesel motor (much more economical) and 350 HP : “that means three and a half hundred power-horses, you know? ”.

Finally Pap an Mum decided, will have a six months trip, all around the world, in first class flights and five stars hotels. They agreed neither to move, nor to buy a new house. They didn’t need another one.

We are speaking about the first million. concerning the second million, they’d deposit in a Bank. So they would have time to think how they would manage to live with, till the end of their lives. Freddy proposed the Narbay International Trade Corporation Bank. It was a very solide bank and it seemed belonged to a very important group and interest they gave was five points over the Libbor rate. They all agree.

In a few weeks,  Dad and Mum began their trip.

Six months later (neither one day more nor one day less), Dad and Mum were back. Everything had been PERFECT. The world was marvellous. They made a lot of wonderful friends. Martin specially met a very important manager with whom he expected to do really good business. They learned a lot of marvellous things. They visited wonderful museums, important churches, buildings, and cities :“La ‘Tour Effel’ ( that’s how French call the Effel Tower) and Marechal Foch Statue, both on Paris, of course.”When you visit Paris you MUST see it, and London Bridge, in London, of course”… and others important things in important cities whose names, they couldn’t remember at the moment. ”Yes….London was “EXTRAORDINARY ! !.. IT IS A TOWN WHERE YOU CAN FIND WHATEVER YOU WANT AND WHATEVER YOU NEED AND EVEN YOU DON’T NEED”. They saw unforgettable pictures of all kind of fine arts. They swore they would start having history, literature, and art lessons. And also English and French… and may be Italian, and might be Classic Greek… and Turkish ( Why not ?) Every thing was PERFECT.  And Martin was PERFECT , and Juana was PERFECT too and Freddy was PERFECT of course, too.

Suddenly, Freddy interrupted: Not everything was perfect ! .“-What happened ? ”. Narbay Banks ‘s owner was Yabran (Narbay was Yabran read to the other way round)   “Yabran is in jail, the bank had closed down and we are’kaput’! ! !”

First silence. No one said anything. You could hardly hear a needle drop. After the argument began. The voices turned louder and louder.   Martin accused Fred: “It is YOUR fault. YOU are to blame; YOU suggested putting by the money and deposit it in the N.I.T.C.B or something like that”. It was too much. Freddy took his newspaper, went to his room and slammed the door.

Some minutes later, father Martin began to knock at Freddy’s door. He wanted to continue the row. As Freddy didn’t answer ; he felt like bit to him. After a while Freddy’s door opened. Freddy was smiling. Father Martin thought:”and NOW… YOU are SMILING and you are almost LAUGHING! !”. Freddy continued smiling and …pointing to the newspaper, he said:   “Neither Loto, nor   Lotus, now is Quiniseis and we have won again.. but only one and a half million pesos … or dollars( the same value, do you know?).

                                     Buenos Aires 23 de Junio de 1997






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