Historia Judía no tradicional


Por Enrique J. Dunyevich

 CruceroAndy Smith was a young American businessman. He had a cosmetic plant whose market reached an important part of the West Coast of the USA. He was born in San Francisco, California (San Francisco del Pueblo de Yerba Buena, was the real name) and studied and graduated in San Diego in the State School as a PH.D of Economy. He was proud of his knowledge and fanatic about liberal economy theory. Adam Smith (“Smith like me”, he used to say). As a good American student during university period he liked sharing study time with sports; specially American football: he was known as the best first wing in the School team and even in all West Coast Championship. His class maid admired him also because his moral standards and religious feelings and Andy’s family and he belonged firmly to the Presbyterian Baptist Church. He was really a good American.

In Los Angeles, (Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles, the original Spanish name) where he hegan his economic activity Andy knew Monica. (Monica Evangelista Johnson was her full name). To meet, to see, and to love: a “coup de foudre” (a flash), French say. Same tastes, same ideas same thoughts. She had studied and graduated in Santa Monica College with a Master degree in Arts. She loved music: serious music, of course. She sang in the Methodical Evangelist Church Choir (that was Monica’s Church and of course the origin of her second name). It was not the same Church, but they had both an open mind; Monica was a fanatic supporter of the Lakers, of course. Football and basketball were quite different sports, but it doesn’t matter, both were typical American sports. Soon, they got married. It was wonderful!  They couldn’t believe their happiness. Their love was perfect and so pure!

Andy carried on with his work. It was important, especially now, not to give up. At the moment they decided not to have children. A third person, even children, could bother the perfect harmony between them. Monica was always fond of music. Every Sunday Andy accompanied Monica to Santa Barbara a little pretty town more than a hundred miles in the North of L.A., plenty of pretty cottages. There, in the slope of the hill, on the Alameda Padre Serra Street was Monica’s Church. And there, Andy loves to hear Monica’s Choir, with Monica’s angel voice, meanwhile he looked at the wonderful sea sight with the mixed smell of salty water and flowers under the warm Californian sun.  To comeback home they drove at the road the West American Road (the ancient name of the road was “Camino Real”); Mexican past was everywhere.

One day, after five years of marriage, Andy suggested to Monica they go on a trip to Europe. They haven’t been there yet, and it must be a very special one. The idea was to visit, only one country: France, only one place: la Cote d’ Azur and only one city: Cannes and also to stay in one of the most important, luxurious and expensive hotels: the Carlton Hilton Paradise Cote d’Azur Hotel, it belonged to an important international Hotels Chain; the International Hilton Hotels. The Cannes Hotel manager, was one of Andy best friend at College: Benjamin Godman, almost the same name as Benny Goodman, like Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, the important jazz directors in the forties?. Andy was proud about this almost coincidence Andy explain Monica we called him also Benny and about the family name they were both Jews, and GOOD Jews. We used to call him, with this particularly American way of shorting names “Gody” and sometimes simply “God”

“There is another part of the plan,” Andy added “We are going to do it by sea, during two weeks in an important, luxury “paquebote”. Monica tried a little resistance: “By air it is much more quickly.”  “That’s why!” Andy said. “We have all the time we need. People have lost the pleasure of travelling especially by sea; as a matter of fact, I heard my friend Gody remembering two sea voyages, one of his grandparents, when they came from Poland, like immigrants by the end of last century, and the other in the fifties, when his parents visited Europe. Both were unforgettable. No doubt, Andy was right and Monica had to agree with him.

Andy got the tickets. The ship should leave New York in nineteen days. His name was TITANIC II.”  Monica was astonished. “But that name brings bad luck!” she said. Andy burst into a strong laughter: “You seem, ignorant and superstitious. You seem like that kind of Argentinean Peronist who have remained looking back on the forty-fives. New times, new technology: radar, laser rays, ecosondas, satellites, technicians have studied all the causes of the shipwreck. Even more, Naval Engineer designer, have developed a lay-out that remove almost all corridors, stairs, doors, narrow places; have you ever seen that horrible film called Titanic, with all that situation that led passengers to death ? The cabins are almost independent, there is a lift system that leads directly to the main deck. There is a system of jet-cabins; a special enormous air-bag that became like a huge portavions.  There are helicopters, hydro-plans and a system of plans that can pick up ejected cabins thrown to the air. No doubt Andy was again right.

There was yet a little problem. The trip must be ABSOLUTELY incognito. For business matters Andy needed that no person knew he was leaving the country. He has decided to travel under his idol’s name: Adam Smith. Monica agree, of course and added that she also would like to change her name. For her in that moment, it was rather bothering to have the same name of that woman who seems to have had a sexual relation with the President. Andy thought to himself that it was better to be Monica Johnson than Monica Lewinsky. Not because sexual harassment was better than oral sex, but simply because he preferred Anglo-Saxon family names. At last Monica chose the name according to her feeling Eva (from Evangelistic of course).It will be their absolute secret; and laughing they said “from this moment we are ADAM and EVA for everyone.

Then, finally we had Adam and Eva on board of the Titanic II heading to Paradise (the Carlton Hilton Cote D’Azur Paradise Hotel). They spent the first days in getting to know the new “toy”, going through the corridors, going up and down in the lifts; they even enjoyed themselves discovering the faster way of going up to the main deck. The safety systems looked really exceptional and apparently worked perfectly well. Another remarkable thing was the luxury of the ship: the bar, the restaurant, the infinite quantity of saloons: resting saloon, lecture saloon, library, playing cards saloon, play and entertainment saloons with all kinds of games. There was of course a shopping centre with Eatingall kind of international merchandise. Concerning the meals, they had never eaten such refined meals and had the possibility of choosing all kind of exotically and varied ones. There were also quite different kinds of wines  (French, Italian, Greek)  and  all kinds of alcohol, all included in the ticket fare, (notice that neither Adam nor Eva were fond of alcoholic drinks because of their rough way of life). Adam thought to himself that couldn’t be the same experience Gody’s grandparents could have had when they immigrated escaping from their poor lives in Eastern Europe. There were other possibilities: Cinema, Theatre, Musical Shows, Conferences, Chamber Music, Concerts and a great Dancing Saloon. Adam and Eva didn’t go to the latter one, because they didn’t like modern music and dance. For them the multiple choice was wide enough to think of those uninteresting amusements. So generally, after a little stay on the decks breathing the deep and fresh ocean air, they were in their cabin at around 10 pm.

saloonAfter some few days, they realised something in the technology employed by the navy builders was not quite happy: the acoustic isolations.  Conversations, even loud ones, laughs, cries, whispers, sighs were easily heard through the walls. They realised there was a great movement and transit during all the day and all the night. Couples that walked to and on the corridors. It was obvious that the dancing saloon functioned as a special meeting place. They realised also that modern lift system had another use different from its original: the possibility for people to connect and visit from one cabin to another one very easily. It was only annoying, disturbing and pitiful for pacific travellers.

Adam reserved and prepared another surprise to Eva. He invited secretly for their stay in Europe, Eva’s best College girlfriend. He only knew about her that she was a pretty girl, who had a good voice and loved to sing too. He believed she belonged to a little Church or Sect, whose name he didn’t remember (there are so many of them in the USA). Her name was Snaky. She had formed a rock group with other girls, the “Snake Girls”.

In1180-corniche-d-or Marseilles Port Snaky and Gody were waiting for Adam and Eva. After the warmest greeting, embraces and kisses they embarked the way to Cannes on the opened Gody’s limousine by the “Corniche” Road. It was wonderful. That reminded Adam and Eva their California‘s ancient Ruta Real, but with the Province’s flowers smelling much more strongly, the Mediterranean water much more deep blue and with the air much more intense.

When they arrived at the Hotel, Gody had prepared for them a wonderful suit plenty of flowers. They took a comforting frothy bath and they went down to have dinner. The restaurant was huge, plenty of lights, of colours, of luxury; a brilliant orchestra played all kind of music. A special decorated table was prepared for the three Americans. When they took their place, they saw, going and coming among the tables, a kind of little trains with plenty of little wagons offering the different parts of the menu, one for the “buffet froid”, one for the “entree”, one for the main meals, one (a long one) for the dessert and another one (even much longer) for the cheese. Besides, of course, that of alcohols, with the “somellier” to offer and suggest drinks, wines and spirits. Snaky was going to begin her choosing. Adam was hesitant, he looked at Eva. Eva firmly staring at Adam said : “I’m not ready to change my life, my principles, my feelings, my thoughts are out of capital sins, not gluttony, neither lust, neither concupiscence; I will not take one drop of those drinks neither taste and bite no any of those diabolic meals. The situation was very bother. Adam was afraid of offending Gody, his friend. When it seemed there were no issues, Snaky sayed: “I don’t mind if you do what you want; I don’t share your beliefs and principles, but you invited me to spend my holidays with you and you can’t leave me drinking and eating alone.” Adam and Eva looked at each other; they didn’t know what to say. After a few seconds waiting, Snaky continued: “I’ll suggest something to you. You, Eva, you do what you want; I ask you only to let Adam share drinks and meals with me and to accept to eat or even bite one meal I’ll choose and offer to you, so I‘ll not feel so lonely. New silent. Adam and Eva looked again at each other. No doubt, it was Salomonic.

After, the “aperity” some cups of Spanish Jerez; Snaky suggested drinking the classical elegant form of accompanying meals: only Champaign, so they wouldn’t have to change the kind of drinks; Adam confessed he always would knew something about this matter and even he would like to taste only a bit, only to learn about. “Fine” Snaky said, happy to teach and introduce her new friend in that marvellous world of pleasures, “Even if it is not a very correct way of performing, we’ll begin with a demi-sec, we continue with a sec, after that a brut, an then an extra brut; we’ll finish, every people can guess, with a brut de brut and a brut nature. Meanwhile waiters carried the meals, Snaky asked to go to the kitchen; some minutes later she came back showing a dish: in the middle there was a great, lonely, shining red apple. “Here is my choose for you” Snaky said to Eva. Eva was rather surprised; even she thought Snaky would choose some more complicated meal for her; she took the apple, she turned it twisting her hand and looking it very interested, and with tear in her eyes, finally she bit it. “It is really delicious”, she said, “I have never tasted such a delicious apple. I’ll not give up with it. They, all of them, began to smile. That made them feel happy and cheerful. The tension had finished. As the time went by and the drink was passing on too, they felt happier sand happier, their laugh was loud and healthy. Eva felt happy seeing Adam sharing meals and drinks with her good friend. She felt drunkenness invaded her being. It was not the drink, of course; was it the so special apple her friend offered her? Or simply the love she felt for dam and the strong feeling she felt for Snaky? So they sang, they laughed and finally they danced all the night. At last they decided to go up to their chambers, always laughing and singing. In the chamber, invaded by flowers, half nude, Eve began to feel badly. She was not selfish. She hadn’t want to shear meals and drinks with her friend; and she has left Adam alone in that situation. Suddenly, the chamber’s side door opened and Snaky appeared wearing underwear; every one was more or less in similar degree of elegance; they look at each cabinother. After a while, they began to laugh: they understood: the hotel Administration had muddled everything: they had given to Snaky a chamber connected with their suit and the connection door was unlocked. They continued laughing and laughing. Certainly the fate didn’t want them to split that night; neither did them. They had been so happy! And so they were still. They carried on with their sings. They liked to be together. They needed to touch one another. To touch their skin, to smell their breath; smell and taste, taste and kiss, kiss and love…and love and love and love… until the sun was high on the sky and even going down.

When Gody knew what happened in “his” hotel, he became furious. He decided to take over the responsible of the origin of the muddle. But the principal actors of the situation will not get away with their act. That’s how Gody or better, “God”, without the “y”, (it was not the moment of calling him with an affectionate name), threw out ADAM, EVA, and SNAKY from the PARADISE, the Paradise Hotel of course, or more precisely the Carlton-Clinton-Hilton-International Paradise Hotel.

Adam, Eva and Snaky came back to the USA. They decided to stay together, not to leave away. They had discovered the real love and they didn’t want to lose it. Their meetings were always plenty of tenderness. They added and mixed love with senses: the smell of flowers, Californian, Mediterranean, also Paradise Hotel’s ones and even the smelling of Cosmetic’s West Coast products.

Adam knew finally, Snaky had been one of the queen of the Erotica Seven Queen Sect. She decided to not belong to it now: she didn’t need it. She also dissolved her ancient Group and led a new rock one: the SPICE GIRLS. So she added a little of spice, to the relationship with her friends.

This is the very truth of Adam, Eva and Snaky story; Stephen Spielberg took the subject for his latest film. A historical filmt, The BIBLE II, The Bible of the New Age. It has been rewarded with

  • The Golden Gate of San Francisco (California).
  • The Golden San Francisco Statue of the International Catholic Criticism of The Festival of San Francisco de Assisi, in Italy.
  • The Golden Globe Trotter of the NBA.
  • The Platinum Mogen David (the David‘s Star), not Golden because of the yellow colour, in the 5.497 Festival of Tel Aviv
  • The Red Poncho in the First International Festival of Anillaco. In Argentine the film was named Titanic II, not to hurt the feelings of that marvellous, pious people. It had got also 19 Nominations (5 more than Titanic I) in last Oscar Festival  for:
  • The best photography to Horacio Dolcini
  • The best producer to Cecilia Piluso Dunayevich
  • The best voice to Carlos Gardel, the Voice, (he sings better and better, every day, everybody agrees, especially since Frankie is over than eighty).
  • The best first young children performance, to Nina Dolcini Piluso Dunayevich
  • The general Production was in charge of :

A R I E L   P R O D U C C I O N E S

  • The best script, certainly awarded with the OSCAR, to:

Enrique José Dunayevich

NOTE. Words told by the winner when he received the award:

The prize is not only to me. It is also to my family. Also to my ancestors, who certainly are watching from the sky, specially

Adam and Eva

Abraham and Jacob.

Moses (also my father

David (also my uncle)


Jose (carpenter as I), whose name I carry and

Maria (why not?)

I must thank also my teacher FERNANDA, without her help all this work wouldn’t have been possible. And also to my classmates who worked so hard looking up in those so ancient documents to discover the historical Paradise true.




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