Historia Judía no tradicional


Foto Dunayevich _(3) recortadaEnrique J. Dunayevich is a scholar of Jewish History with a non-traditional orientation, his research focusing on the role of Jewish people in the communities in which they lived.

In ”The Jews in the Weave of the Ancient Empires” he deals, among other issues, with when and how the Jews began to be involved with commerce; how valid is the reiterated affirmation that in Palestine and even during the Diaspora, the Jews were mainly dedicated to agriculture.

In his book: “From Anti-Judaism to Anti-Semitism in Millenniums I and II CE”, he shows that after a period of Antijudaism, Christian Antisemitism began to take shape towards the end of the first Millennium. It was the time of it developed in coincidence with the birth of the market economy. An Antisemitism that after first persecutions during the First Crusades begun with expulsions third century in the second Millennium.

Enrique J. Dunayevich earned a degree in engineering from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. As a student of the “hard sciences,” his research has been conditioned by the rigorous deductive logic of his scientific reasoning and approach. In “The Jews in the Weave of the Ancient Empires” he was advised by Dr. Marcelo Campagno, professor of Ancient History at of the University of Buenos Aires. He also studied medieval history under Professor Carlos Astarita at the Philosophy School of the same university.

Some of his articles and lectures have been published in the magazine and on the page of CONVERGENCE, for a Humanistic and Pluralist Judaism. Their concerns have also led him to investigate other types of situations, such those related to the socio-political in relation to Contemporary Thinking, Globalization and Neo-colonialism. On this issue he has written various articles we publish on this blog.

The literary activity of Enrique Dunayevich does not end with his historiographical studies on Judaism, nor with the approaches to national and international socio-political, his tales and stories, with a remarkable creativity and humor set would be a counterweight, as a way to provide a relief to the density and rigor that involves the treatment of those issues.

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